Triangoo is a workshop

production of space

We employ a broad group of professionals; artists and craftsmen, to ensure that our products are interdisciplinary. We have a developed project management system, using online contact tools, but we still believe, that the most relevant way to communicate is face to face contact with another human being. We are “almost” self-sufficient, because we possess a printing shop, a cnc workshop, a carpentry workshop, a paint shop, a transport department, a warehouse, an ironworker’s shop, a design and modeling studio and a sculpture studio, we control the entire production process, from the idea to the very last brush strokes.


Years of experience



Team Members

The path followed by Triangoo is set by its people.

Ewa Zagajewska

Chief Office Officer
He has been collecting matches and constructing garages, castles and houses since he was a child. He is a space enthusiast. When in primary school he got an A from Home Economics and Industrial Arts. He was rewarded at an annual school arts competition for his wax crayon work. On a daily basis, he manages Triangoo and is its Creative Director.

Adam Zagajewski

Chief Executive Officer, Creative Director
A woman cut out to make business, a catalyst of successful transactions, interpersonal tensions and good customer relations. Highly engaged in the operation of the Triangoo office. She likes travelling towards the sun and exotic landscapes. Also for photographic reasons.

Anna Ciesielska - Rek

Print House Coordinator
A real treasure. She passionately deals with her accounting and human resources duties, and she loves that. Pedantic and meticulous, her professionalism costs her free time she could spent on anything else. Between columns and balance sheets, she spends time with her friends and family. Fan of winter sports.

Aniela Zielińska

Chief Accountant
Active in the industry for the last 10 years. He has worked at every element of event production: stage setting, sound system, lighting, multimedia, organization. Always smiling and fully focused on the project.

Marcin GOOMISH Kaptacz

Head of Coordination

Małgorzata Szpigiel

New Business Manager

Sebastian Sochocki

Production Manager

Marcin CINEK Kołodenny

Production Manager
As a true-born Varsovian, he joined Triangoo directly from Warsaw. The owner of Vitay, Leroy house and sports fan cards, which speaks a lot of his passion for the automotive industry, DIY and sports. His black humor always brings the house down.

Rafał Jabłoński

Chief of Transport Department